>>>photo by my good friend Ann Tyer<<<

Hello there! I’m Suzanne. Welcome to my happy place.

Here you’ll also meet Lily, Marc and Sophie. Also known as the loves of my life.

Blogging used to stress me out, so I shut down my old one and carved out this little corner of the internet to shine a light on stuff that’s permendous. Which means super and fancy, according to Lily (up there at the top of the photo).

The internet can be beautiful and silly and inspiring, and I love to collect the really good stuff and share it here (in the “just because” category). I also work hard not to burn down my kitchen, attempt a DIY project every now and then and take great joy in shopping online (I’m talking to you, Etsy).

But mostly, this space is my heart.

I love telling stories about my family. I’m also obsessed with taking pictures of everything. Especially those faces up there. And my shoes. And food.

I hope this space makes you happy too. Because that would be simply permendous.

P.S. Learn more about us, circa 2012, in this News & Observer article. Scrumptious baby thighs alert! 

P.P.S. Also? That calm scene pictured above lasted about five seconds. Because our real life is chaos. Children running and shouting and demanding. Grown-ups just trying to keep our eyes open. Tangles of laundry and toys and artwork strewn all over the house. And SO MUCH GLITTER. But it’s so wonderful to have a snapshot of this tiny moment in time. Our little family. With all the happy chaos on hold (until Sophie broke free and bolted for the ocean).

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