image from the White House Flickr stream

I just discovered the White House photostream on Flickr, and it’s fascinating.

I’ve been following White House photographer Pete Sousa’s Twitter feed for a while now because I think he is amazing, but it’s even neater to see all the photos gathered together in a giant gallery.

Can you imagine chatting casually with the president after a cabinet meeting? Having the president hold your baby? Eating an apple off the Oval Office coffee table?

This is the sort of stuff that occupies my brain space, people. Same goes for deep thoughts like “What is Beyonce doing this very minute?” and “I wonder if Duchess Kate has ever had to scrub a toilet?”

It’s a wonder I have any brain cells that function normally.

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2 Comments on because I love to get a peek behind the scenes

    • Isn’t that a great photo? I especially like how all the guards are trying not to look. 🙂 You’ll love that Twitter feed!

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