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Bright Bazaar book

Laura gave me this book today, and I absolutely can’t wait to dive into it. Bright Bazaar is one of my favorite websites (thanks to Laura for introducing me to it) because I, too, am obsessed with color, so Mr. Bazaar and I are basically best internet friends forever.

I constantly want to redecorate, paint, move furniture around, add a pillow here and there. I have a feeling this book (and all of the gorgeous color palettes in it) will help guide my wayward design sensibilities. Also? Hooray for surprise gifts. Lucky me.


I’m driving to Ohio tomorrow. With the girls. By myself. All the way to Ohio. Just me and the girls. I’m equally filled with excitement (Julie! Baby Levi!) and terror (how will I ever keep my kids entertained for all those hours?). Wish me luck.


My new favorite breakfast is plain oatmeal with fresh peaches. Marc makes it for us every morning, simmering it on the stove with milk. I could swim in that bowl. And the whole delicious thing has fewer than 300 calories. Just thought you should know.

Also, my obsession with smoothies continues. I heard someone call them “salad milkshakes” and this is so very true. How can something that has spinach and chia seeds taste so good? It’s a marvelous little miracle.


Have you noticed this little downsizing movement on social media lately? I can’t help but be curious about people on Facebook and Instagram trying to make their internet worlds smaller by disconnecting from friends/fans/followers. And this whole business of Instagram closing the accounts of mothers posting pictures of their children that others consider to be indecent has me wondering if I should be showing my kids at all. I mean, who really is out there looking at my feed?

Here we go again.

Every six months or so, I get scared of social media and crawl up into a little virtual ball of worry and indecision. Should I keep blogging pictures and stories of my girls? Should I post anything about them on any form of social media? My typical response is to take a vacation from blogging and social media, but I feel like I need to make some sort of real decision soon. Do I stay or do I go? And if I stay, should I change what I put out there? What’s more fun to photograph than my kids? Not a whole lot. Why do I crave this space? What am I hoping to accomplish here?

Perhaps I’ll ponder these things all the way to Ohio (while simultaneously breaking up fights and slinging juice boxes to the back seat).

One thought on “because I’m feeling random”

  1. Great post sis! This is exactly how my brain goes during the day…a little bit here, a little bit there.

    So glad you like the book…you are my color guru so I thought Will would be a great match.

    Yes, a lot to consider with social media. All about balance, right? Do what makes you happy and nothing more. Maybe I’m just being selfish though…I really love your journaling here at Permendous. 🙂

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