DIY hand-stamped muslin baby blanket

DIY hand-stamped baby blanket by Say Yes to Hoboken

With SO MANY friends having babies lately (or about to have them) I might just give this project a try. I bookmarked it ages ago from one of my favorite blogs, Say Yes to Hoboken.

Or I’ll end up buying the adorable Aden + Anais ones that I keep seeing in all the gorgeous newborn photography.

It could go either way. Depending on the alignment of the planets that day. And our supply of red wine.

P.S. Did you know that the author of Say Yes to Hoboken is sister-in-law to Gabrielle Blair, who publishes Design Mom? I just made this little discovery, and I think it’s so cool that two of my favorite bloggers are related.

P.P.S. There’s an awesome washi tape giveaway over on Design Mom that ends today! But don’t enter. Because then I might not win. Just kidding. Not really.

DIY bubble-print tablecloth

bubble wrap print tablecloth DIY

I just discovered this lovely little project on Design Mom and sent it straight into the “try this soon” file.

Bubble wrap? Paint? Sounds like such fun.

I adore Gabrielle Blair and have been a big fan for years. Remember when I geeked out over meeting her at the BlogHer conference? When I ambushed her with a totally inappropriate stranger-hug and nearly squashed the baby she was wearing on her chest? She was so gracious. I AM A DORK.

kraft paper letters


Our playroom needs an update (and a visit from one of those people who helps hoarders), and these paper letters would be so fun for the walls. I especially love that you can decorate them however you like. And they’re cheap! I always do a little cartwheel inside when I find something I can afford from Land of Nod.

When that catalog arrives, I stand in the driveway flipping through it as fast as I can because if it comes inside the house it just makes my heart hurt. All the things. So pretty.

So maybe we’ll start with kraft paper letters. And when the girls get bigger (and school is free) we’ll add some desks and cute chairs and storage bins and … oh my.

balloons on a cake (like snakes on a plane but far less scary)


I’m thinking about making these sweet little balloon cake toppers for Sophie’s 2nd birthday (which is next month holy crap my baby is TWO).

But maybe I’d better not. Because it’s highly likely she’ll try to stuff a balloon into her mouth.

Then again, knowing this funny girl, if the balloon pops she’ll just laugh and try to do it all over again.

Here’s my idea board. As you can see, I have some work to do. Our girl is a super-duper huge Sesame Street fan, but I’m trying not to let the party get too theme-ified. Wish me luck.

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