Instagram Favorites: Furry Friends Edition

I love (LOVE) Instagram. Besides keeping up with friends and family near and far, I really enjoy following celebrity/fashion/lifestyle accounts.

And yes, animals.

Especially the lovely Fuzzberta. Her feed always puts a smile on my face. Because how could a picture of a guinea pig pushing a teeny-tiny shopping cart *not* brighten your day?

Fuzzberta on Instagram

I also adore Daily Danger, who his humans describe as “party animal nugget of love toasted marshmallow.” Just look at this scrumptiousness:

daily danger on Instagram

Another of my favorite feeds features adorable humans *and* animals (win-win). In fact, the book Naptime with Theo and Beau came from this feed, and it looks like another book will be published in 2016. Although I can’t fathom the logistics of napping a baby with a snuggly dog (for us, it was crib-napping in very dark rooms with very loud white noise machines), these photos are breathtaking.

mommasgonecity on instagramWhich are your favorite animal feeds on Instagram? Do share! Because I need as much distraction as possible from real-world news (especially in this election year).

My thoughts on the film Room (in no particular order)


  1. My house has never seemed bigger.
  2. Brie Larson is amazing. I also adored her character in Trainwreck (which is a much easier movie to watch, FYI.)
  3. Little Jacob Tremblay also is breathtaking. How he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar is beyond me.
  4. Despite my voracious curiosity about this film, it was probably the worst possible choice for me, an anxious mother who has a child almost exactly the same age as the kid in the film. Way to think it out, Suzanne.
  5. I had one nightmare after I watched it and woke up “seeing” bad guys in my room (of course on a night Marc was out of town), which was really delightful.
  6. I couldn’t stop thinking about Room the day after, calculating all the ways I would have tried to escape, marveling over how people like the film’s villain really do exist in the world, and realizing that I will probably always be suspicious of garden sheds.
  7. Three days later, and I still can’t stop thinking about it. I need to find my empathy “off-switch” and quit trying to put myself in “Ma’s” shoes. (Can you even imagine, though?)
  8. I admire how the story was told from little Jack’s perspective; there was such beauty in his imagination. But it’s a double-edged sword. In one way, it kept the movie from being super grisly and (even more) disturbing, but also, seeing it through a child’s eyes made it all the more painful.
  9. There are few things more powerful or all-consuming than a mother’s love.
  10. I am only watching romantic comedies for the rest of my life.

favorite Oscar 2016 dresses

Cate Blanchett Oscars 2016
Love, love, LOVE everything about this.
Olivia Munn Oscars 2016
Two thumbs up for this orange. And the one-shoulder cape thingy is so unique.
Jennifer Lawrence Oscars 2016
This dress is crazy amazing. As are her hair and makeup.
Mindy Kaling Oscars 2016
Mindy Kaling is so beautiful, and her love for fashion is contagious.
Tina Fey Oscars 216
The color, the fit, that gorgeous necklace. Perfection.
Brie Larson Oscars 2016
I just saw this dress on the stage, and it’s so ethereal and lovely I had to add it!

>>>images source<<<

because I want to write

Hello little blog. I’m back. I missed you. I missed writing.

So it’s time to dust you off and put more permendous stuff out into the universe. Like this picture of Sophie expertly applying her own sunscreen at the beach this summer:


SO MUCH has happened since November. But I’m not going to try to recap. I’m just going to pick up with right here, right now.

This feels good, typing in the “add new post” screen. I think clicking “publish” will give me a head rush.


Who knows what or when I’ll write next. That’s the fun thing.

See you again soon.


because I’m feeling random

Bright Bazaar book

Laura gave me this book today, and I absolutely can’t wait to dive into it. Bright Bazaar is one of my favorite websites (thanks to Laura for introducing me to it) because I, too, am obsessed with color, so Mr. Bazaar and I are basically best internet friends forever.

I constantly want to redecorate, paint, move furniture around, add a pillow here and there. I have a feeling this book (and all of the gorgeous color palettes in it) will help guide my wayward design sensibilities. Also? Hooray for surprise gifts. Lucky me.


I’m driving to Ohio tomorrow. With the girls. By myself. All the way to Ohio. Just me and the girls. I’m equally filled with excitement (Julie! Baby Levi!) and terror (how will I ever keep my kids entertained for all those hours?). Wish me luck.


My new favorite breakfast is plain oatmeal with fresh peaches. Marc makes it for us every morning, simmering it on the stove with milk. I could swim in that bowl. And the whole delicious thing has fewer than 300 calories. Just thought you should know.

Also, my obsession with smoothies continues. I heard someone call them “salad milkshakes” and this is so very true. How can something that has spinach and chia seeds taste so good? It’s a marvelous little miracle.


Have you noticed this little downsizing movement on social media lately? I can’t help but be curious about people on Facebook and Instagram trying to make their internet worlds smaller by disconnecting from friends/fans/followers. And this whole business of Instagram closing the accounts of mothers posting pictures of their children that others consider to be indecent has me wondering if I should be showing my kids at all. I mean, who really is out there looking at my feed?

Here we go again.

Every six months or so, I get scared of social media and crawl up into a little virtual ball of worry and indecision. Should I keep blogging pictures and stories of my girls? Should I post anything about them on any form of social media? My typical response is to take a vacation from blogging and social media, but I feel like I need to make some sort of real decision soon. Do I stay or do I go? And if I stay, should I change what I put out there? What’s more fun to photograph than my kids? Not a whole lot. Why do I crave this space? What am I hoping to accomplish here?

Perhaps I’ll ponder these things all the way to Ohio (while simultaneously breaking up fights and slinging juice boxes to the back seat).

because this is really neat


It’s impossible to choose just one image to represent all of the awesome of Humans of New York.

Have you seen this site?

I’m late to the party (shocker). But I’m so in love.

Photographer Brandon Stanton approaches total strangers in the streets of New York City and asks to take their pictures and hear their stories. It’s fascinating. And beautiful. And sometimes heart-breaking.

He says on his site: “I photograph everything that makes me happy, and it turns out it makes other people happy too.”

Happy, indeed.