because I love to get a peek behind the scenes

image from the White House Flickr stream

I just discovered the White House photostream on Flickr, and it’s fascinating.

I’ve been following White House photographer Pete Sousa’s Twitter feed for a while now because I think he is amazing, but it’s even neater to see all the photos gathered together in a giant gallery.

Can you imagine chatting casually with the president after a cabinet meeting? Having the president hold your baby? Eating an apple off theĀ Oval Office coffee table?

This is the sort of stuff that occupies my brain space, people. Same goes for deep thoughts like “What is Beyonce doing this very minute?” and “I wonder if Duchess Kate has ever had to scrub a toilet?”

It’s a wonder I have any brain cells that function normally.

because I need to clear my head (and heart)

Easter chocolates

Aren’t these Easter treats just lovely? Auntie Julie sent them to the girls in a care package stuffed to the brim with all sorts of goodies floating in Easter grass. I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of these pretties before they get gobbled up. (Related: the white one with the carrot has already disappeared. Ahem.) Continue reading “because I need to clear my head (and heart)”

becauase a happy list is in order


This winter has lasted forever and still won’t quit (Ice tonight? In March?) and our little family is sharing some sort of yucky cold and I’m eating more and I’m extra sleepy and it’s really hard to get out of bed in the morning. And my moods? Well, they’re getting to be embarrassing.

Sound familiar? I imagine so.

If there were some sort of magic dance that would bring on spring, I’d be outside right this minute (naked if need be) chanting up at the sky.

But since that might get me arrested, I’m going to focus on some happy things instead. There are always happy things around us, right?

Here’s my list today:

coral nail polish

bullet journaling

Lily’s fashion choices

taco night

Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd

Marc whistling while he makes breakfast

fuzzy socks

Thin Mints

Sophie snuggles

Downton Abbey streaming free on Amazon Prime

>> A little happy for you: click to download a free “choose happy” printable! xo! <<

because I heart Valentine’s Day (still friends?)


Yep. I’m one of those people. I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. My parents made it really special when Laura and I were kids, and now I get to carry on that tradition with my girls. Valentine’s Day with kids is the best. As soon as the Target dollar spot switched from Christmas to Valentine’s Day, I put together their goody bags. (Made them both for a grand total of eight bucks. Woo.)

Lily didn’t want box cards this year, which surprised me. So we sat down and cut out hearts and created valentines for her entire class.


And Soph? Well she’s been decorating us with stickers. And playing with her red balloon.



Hope you have a happy day!