say hello to the new Posy (hashtag proud big sis)


I am SO excited for Laura I can’t stand it!

How can I possibly describe her awesomeness? Let’s see … she owns a small business and works her butt off to make that business succeed while at the same time wrangling an active (*understatement alert*) toddler and freshly-minted kindergartener.

She is, as Casey Wilson would say, ah-MAH-zing.

Check out the Posy re-boot to see what I’m talking about. And Laura’s Instagram feed is just plain lovely … and oh-so-refreshingling real (see: two-year-old Monroe in his diaper and winter hat).

Proud big sister over here. Super proud.

Etsy favorites: rainy day


 coin purse // paper garland // necklace // print

This is my version of a rain dance.

I love a good storm, and I’m ready for one. Dark sky, wind, thunder, the works. Just not so violent that anyone or anything gets hurt.

This might sound weird, but as much as I love summer, I equally love getting a break from the sun.

And sometimes the rain just suits my mood. Like today.

Bring it, universe.

Etsy favorites: COLOR!

collage-color statement necklace // mini planters  // bracelets  // coin purses

Whenever I need a little boost, I either eat a cupcake or hop onto Etsy and look around. Since I’m in the process of trying to shed my “winter seven,” Etsy is the lower-calorie option these days.

My eye always gravitates toward color. And lots of it. Back in middle school, my favorite outfit came from this store that carried only knit separates in solid colors. I remember it being like a candy store. Blocks of color as far as the eye could see. Mix and match EVERYTHING. I wish I could remember the name of that store! (I imagine it didn’t stay in business very long, despite my patronage.) Picture, if you will, little Suzanne wearing emerald-green tapered pants, a canary yellow top, and a bright purple jacket with perfectly square shoulder pads. All at the same time.

I don’t know what was more unfortunate about that outfit: the color combination, the fact that all three pieces were made of stretchy knit, or that Laura called me “the joker” every time I wore it. Still, I loved it. (Loved it too much actually).

But I sure am grateful that my appetite for color and sense of style have evolved.

These picks from Etsy make me happy and get me in the mood for warmer days ahead. So I file them as favorites and give my inner knit-ensemble-wearing-12-year-old-self a high-five.

new in the shop: the cutest handmade Christmas stockings you ever did see


Still need stockings for Santa to stuff next week? It’s not too late!

A whole bunch of cute new handmade stockings just hit the shop. Come take a peek! And could someone please tell me how it’s possible that Christmas is happening ONE WEEK FROM TODAY?

I’m so excited I can hardly stand myself.


***UPDATE: Get FREE priority shipping on any stocking order with code “bingorbust” by 12/21! Because we heart Bing Crosby. And YOU.***

Posy and Christmas go together like eggnog and pie

Posy Christmas sneak peek

Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole (and, yes, Mariah Carey because we love that song from Love Actually) are playing at Posy HQ, and we’re excited to show you a little peek of the holiday inventory that Laura and her elves are cooking up!

Coming soon: the cutest little hand-stitched acorn ornaments celebrating our beloved City of Oaks … lovely new vintage decor and gifts … handmade stockings in fresh, bright patterns … and hand-strung felted wool garlands for your tree or mantel.


This year, all of Posy’s handmade inventory will be available at Deco Raleigh and at the ELF Fair in Carrboro. Vintage items will hit our Etsy shop soon.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Sophie and Lily meet Sophie and Lili


We love North American Bear Company toys. They’re beautifully constructed, huggable and strewn all over our house. Our first friend was Duckie the Elephant, and our newest additions are the brand new Sophie and Lili dolls. Because how could my Sophie and Lily possibly not have them? Not only are they adorable and squeezable (and impeccably dressed), one is blonde and the other is brunette. Lily firmly believes that these dolls were manufactured exclusively for her and her little sister.


When I published Pretty Swell, North American Bear Company was my favorite partner. Fun to work with, super friendly, not demanding at all (which is one of the reasons I couldn’t bear to blog the way I used to any more). And social media manager Sam Bartell has become like part of our family — the girls’ very own toy fairy. This is not a sponsored post. I just love these toys and want to tell you about them.

And also to show you Sophie’s latest trick. You’re welcome.