ten under twenty

10 finds under 20 bucks

TEN!! I did it! Unlike last time, when my brain stopped at seven and photoshop walked out on me.

Mean, mean photoshop.

Hope you enjoy this latest roundup of stuff we use/adore/covet. All under twenty bucks. Yay.

1. swimsuit /// Sophie and her thigh rolls totally rock this suit.
2. unicorn hair clip /// For dress up or birthday parties or everyday use.
3. chevron necklace /// I’m still in love with chevron, especially in jewelry form.
4. colored bobby pins /// A saving grace for my new short hair (which disagrees with humidity).
5. a beautiful mess app /// Downloaded it and can’t wait to start playing.
6. cuticle cream /// One of my top-three beauty staples, second only to my tweezers.
7. DIY thank-you note stamp /// Once my box cards are finished, I’m using this little guy.
8. camera earrings /// Shrinky-dinks for your ears! Adore.
9. little girl sandals /// Pretty as Saltwaters and way cheaper.
10. Click magazine /// I just finished devouring my first issue. Only $15/year.

Liberty Antiques Festival

liberty5Laura and I had a ball shopping for Posy at the Liberty Antiques Festival last weekend! It’s the ultimate thrifting experience, if you’re into that sort of thing. It takes place twice a year on 100 acres of North Carolina farmland. Which means there’s seriously a lot of stuff for sale. If you go, be sure to listen for the lady on the PA system. Her announcements alone are worth the price of a ticket. (So is the BBQ. And the kettle corn.) Here are a few shots from our adventure:

liberty8Liberty Antiques FestivalDad (at right) and his brother, our Uncle Bob, who traveled all the way from Illinois to check out the festival, dine on “rebel” barbeque sundaes. Which are as awesome as they sound.

liberty2liberty3Look who applied her own face sunscreen. I’m only allowed to do the spots she misses.

liberty4liberty6This little lady was an expert negotiator. Pro tip: bring an adorable kid with you to score the best deals.

liberty7liberty9liberty10liberty11Our sherpa. Bless him.

liberty12 Want to see what we found in Liberty? We’ll update Posy’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds as the listings go live in the shop! Yippee!

seven under twenty

collage of finds under $20

This was supposed to be “ten under twenty” but I ran out of gas in photoshop. Also I’m lazy and there are three episodes of Parks and Rec waiting for me on the DVR.

So … I give you … (drumroll) … seven under twenty!

The idea? I love (LOVE) pretty collages of beautiful finds on design and fashion blogs. But usually I can’t afford a single thing. Even $50 is a high price point for me (says the lady who buys her fancy shoes at Target). So I thought it would be fun to put together collages of stuff I use/wear/covet at the moment … all under twenty bucks.

And next time, there will be ten. As long as the DVR is empty.

necklace /// clutch (40% off!) /// hedgehog /// shirt /// shampoo /// jammies /// eye roller

camera cookie cutters!

camera cookie cutters

I don’t know who would love these more, Lily or me.

Okay. Me.

Because after we baked and decorated our cookies I’d ask Lily to pose with her creation so that I could take her picture and she would grimace and whine and probably just stuff the cookie in her mouth instead.

But we’d really have fun getting to that point.

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