This picture is pretty monumental.

Lily has a love/hate/super-duper-terrified relationship with mascots, so when the Easter Bunny made an appearance at our neighborhood egg hunt last weekend, I held my breath. Earlier that day, we walked next door to check out the bunny costume, and Lily tried on the head. We also told her which grown-up would be inside the costume during the egg hunt, and that it was our special secret. It worked.

She ran right over to the bunny, hugged him and hollered at Sophie to come take a picture with him. Marc grabbed my camera from me so I could be in one of the shots. I’m so grateful to him because now I’m captured forever in this little (big) moment for Lily.

Our Easter celebration was pretty wonderful. And a welcome distraction from all that’s been on my mind lately. (An aside: Thank you for all of your sweet notes of encouragement and “I’ve been there” messages. I can’t tell you how much comfort your words brought me. I’m feeling much better, and I have a follow-up appointment May 8. More to come …)

I swore off my chores for much of the weekend and spent almost every minute possible with the girls. We dyed eggs, baked a cake, whipped up my mother-in-law’s famous potato salad and laughed a lot. Such bliss. Even amidst the occasional whining and fighting and fussing, we had a ball. And facing a laundry mountain at 10:30 last night? Totally worth it.

Lily got her face painted for the first time during school carnival on the day of our neighborhood egg hunt, and she loved it, itchy eyebrows and all. She is a master egg-hunter, filling her basket within seconds. I love this shot of her and Marc. Such cuties.


Soph, on the other hand, doesn’t like chocolate or jelly beans or most candy in general, so she had fun running crazy and bunny-hopping. Even though this photo is blurry, it makes me smile. Quintessential Sophie.


Lily decorated Easter eggs and practiced her teenager smirk.



While Sophie ate more frosting than she spread on the cake.


But the real star of our show is Mister Monroe and his Green Plaid Pants. He rocked those bad boys on Easter Sunday, and I couldn’t take my camera off him.





Isn’t he awesome? Don’t even get me started on those curls.

We had such fun at my parents’ house on Sunday, and I was so happy that the rain cleared out in time for the egg hunt. Once again, Lily bagged more than she could carry. And Laura hid special eggs for the big girls with their names on them. Lily brought hers to school Monday for show-and-tell.


Every time we take a family photo, I can’t get over how we’ve expanded way beyond my childhood family of four. So much love.


Our Easter Bunny caked started with eyes and a nose and a mouth until the girls employed a “more is more” philosophy and emptied all the little bowls of jelly beans onto their creation.



Last but not least, a gratuitous food shot. Because Mom made sweet potato biscuits from scratch, and they deserve a post all their own.


Hope your Easter was wonderful! Can you believe May is just around the corner?

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4 Comments on Egg hunts and bunny cake and The Green Plaid Pants

  1. We call that smirk the Merida smirk. Ever since Miss P noticed that all of the Merida dolls have the same smirk she decided she should be able to do it too. Between a smirk and eye rolling I’m not looking forward to her teenage years.
    Ali G recently posted…Cars Cars Cars – $40.00My Profile

    • Oh how funny! I’ll have to check out the Merida dolls next time I’m in Target.

      I’m with you … the teenage (and pre-teen) years are going to be a challenge, to say the least. 🙂

  2. My aunt made a Bunny Cake every year. I did it one year and it was a disaster. Luckily frosting can fix anything.

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