Etsy favorites: COLOR!

collage-color statement necklace // mini planters  // bracelets  // coin purses

Whenever I need a little boost, I either eat a cupcake or hop onto Etsy and look around. Since I’m in the process of trying to shed my “winter seven,” Etsy is the lower-calorie option these days.

My eye always gravitates toward color. And lots of it. Back in middle school, my favorite outfit came from this store that carried only knit separates in solid colors. I remember it being like a candy store. Blocks of color as far as the eye could see. Mix and match EVERYTHING. I wish I could remember the name of that store! (I imagine it didn’t stay in business very long, despite my patronage.) Picture, if you will, little Suzanne wearing emerald-green tapered pants, a canary yellow top, and a bright purple jacket with perfectly square shoulder pads. All at the same time.

I don’t know what was more unfortunate about that outfit: the color combination, the fact that all three pieces were made of stretchy knit, or that Laura called me “the joker” every time I wore it. Still, I loved it. (Loved it too much actually).

But I sure am grateful that my appetite for color and sense of style have evolved.

These picks from Etsy make me happy and get me in the mood for warmer days ahead. So I file them as favorites and give my inner knit-ensemble-wearing-12-year-old-self a high-five.

2 thoughts on “Etsy favorites: COLOR!”

    1. Too bad there aren’t any photos of this particular ensemble. 🙂 Although I’m sure Laura has some others she could share (keeping in mind that I have plenty of revenge ammo, of course). 🙂

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