glitter Easter eggsApril is almost here.

And at least one member of our little family — sometimes two at a time — has been sick with a stomach virus (and “cousins” of the virus, according to our pediatrician) nearly every single day in March.

So as this month winds down, I have some choices:

I could keep wallowing (out loud).

I could hug the wet blanket of depression even tighter around my shoulders.

I could polish off five boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Oh wait.

Or, I could open my eyes and be grateful.

My children are well. At last. My husband and I are well. When it comes down to it, the worst month of illness on record for our family is really no big deal, especially considering (which I do, often) how much worse our situation could be.

And, at the ripe old age of 40, I’ve learned a lot about myself in the last 30 days. Such as: being averse to change does me no good.

I can’t tell you how defeating it was to plan each week and then watch it fall apart. I’d panic, re-plan, then panic all over again as those plans crumbled. So I finally (truly) accepted the unpredictability of our situation and quit trying to control it. Taking one day at a time felt so nice, on the occasion that I could really relax into that frame of mind.

Of course I haven’t magically transitioned from Type-A into someone who easily rolls with the punches, but I’ve seen the other side and I have to say it’s actually quite nice.

Also, our house has never been cleaner.

Same goes for the girls’ hands. We have a new obsession with washing hands properly, now that everybody fully understands how important it is. No more squirt-soap-rinse-and-dash for these two.

Another bit of silver lining? The snuggles.

To just be still and hold my girls was such a gift. I feel more connected to them than ever, in a new, stronger way. More worried, of course. But also more in tune with them and their little bodies.

And I can recite lines from the movie “Barbie: Spy Squad.” Which, to my girls, counts as a major win from this experience.

We might get sick again after I hit “publish” on this post. We might not (please let it be so). But it’s important to me to try to find the positive.

And to feel hope as a new month — a new season — is finally upon us.

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