I’ve been moved by this essay ever since I read it back in the fall. But I haven’t done a thing about it, seven months later.

I’m always behind the camera. Plus, truly, I feel awkward shoving my camera at someone so I can hop into the shot with my kids.

But life is too short not to get in the picture.

I relish the photos of me with my mom (and my dad too) from when I was little, and I want my girls to have the same.

So here goes.

I took these selfies on the tram at the end of our zoo adventure Saturday. Everyone was tired and silly and content. And above all, happy. (Even though Sophie was going to puke a few hours later. But that’s a different story for another day.)


I have to share this one, too, because I just love it so:


Are you getting in the picture? Share your links! I’d love to see.

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