This winter has lasted forever and still won’t quit (Ice tonight? In March?) and our little family is sharing some sort of yucky cold and I’m eating more and I’m extra sleepy and it’s really hard to get out of bed in the morning. And my moods? Well, they’re getting to be embarrassing.

Sound familiar? I imagine so.

If there were some sort of magic dance that would bring on spring, I’d be outside right this minute (naked if need be) chanting up at the sky.

But since that might get me arrested, I’m going to focus on some happy things instead. There are always happy things around us, right?

Here’s my list today:

coral nail polish

bullet journaling

Lily’s fashion choices

taco night

Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd

Marc whistling while he makes breakfast

fuzzy socks

Thin Mints

Sophie snuggles

Downton Abbey streaming free on Amazon Prime

>> A little happy for you: click to download a free “choose happy” printable! xo! <<

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4 Comments on becauase a happy list is in order

    • Oh man. Hang in there! We dodged a bullet yesterday — no snow, just rain. But it’s still too cold. I think at this point in “winter,” we all need personal visits (and hugs) from Pharrell. 🙂

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