This girl is serious about getting down and dirty, even in her brand-new Elsa nightgown/dress. She loves planting flowers with her dad. And, much to his delight, she also enjoys pulling weeds and picking up pine cones.

I can’t even begin to express how ELATED I am that spring is here. My seasonal-affective-disorder-self couldn’t take much more winter.

Lily said it best over the weekend: “It’s a no-coat day! Finally!”





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4 Comments on hello spring (thank goodness)

    • Oh wow — I can’t imagine still having snow on the ground. You’re a stronger woman than I! 🙂 Hope things warm up soon for you guys!

    • Ha! My neighbor actually recruited her last weekend to gather gum balls. She and her pal Grant (the neighbor’s son) cleared the entire back yard. 🙂

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