How to get your parents to buy you a guinea pig, by Lily S. (Part 1)

letter from child asking for guinea pigShe’s been campaigning for months. Almost a year, actually.

It started out slow. The occasional mention of a new pet. Library books on hamsters and guinea pigs. Drawings, paintings, and lots of “did you know” fun facts at the dinner table.

Then she started the hard core research, practically filling a binder with her findings on all things rodent. Comparison charts. Brochures from the pet store. Magazine clippings.

And just a few weeks ago, letters started appearing on my pillow at night.

“Please read this! Mommy and Daddy!” she’d scrawled on the first one, after folding it 16 times into a little one-inch-square nugget of hope. Here’s what it said:

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

I would relly like to have a nother pet. The pet that I would like is a ginea pig. I know that you might think that I am not muchur enognf to have one but I think I am doing really well in school and I am very machor. And if you aggre to all of this I promis to take care of it. I will clean out the cage, scoop up the poop, let it exersiz and play with it evory day. And I will also pay for as much as I can.

So, pleas pritty pleas with a chery on top can I do this? I know it is a big responsibility. But I am reddy! I have don all of the reserch and the mesherments so don’t worry! I feel like I am more than reddy because I am sinding you the research that I have done. And like I said before, I will take care of it all by myself without your help. And I will let Sophie play with him too. I just hafe to set ground rules with her.

I can do this remember!

Lily ((hand-drawn paw print emoji))

P.S. Waht I mean by mesherments is I know where to put the cage.

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