… that Sophie hollers “Mama! Are you awake?” then waits a few minutes and shouts “Mama! Are you awake yet?” almost every single morning, instead of crying to get out of her crib. How nice it is to start the day with a little laugh.

… that Marc researches possible sicknesses related to the weird spot in my throat and calls me in the middle of the day to tell me about it and make sure I’m okay.

… that when I vacuum Lily’s room, I find glitter everywhere.

… folding little girl laundry (always have. always will.)

… that Lily writes us cards that say stuff like “I like mom” and “I (heart) U daddy.”

… Sophie’s stinky morning breath.

… that Marc watches “How I Met Your Mother” with me every Monday.

…¬†spooning Lily¬†at bedtime.

… when the dog startles herself with her own farts.

… watching Lily walk into that big school by herself every morning, grinning and fearless.

… that we start and end each day with kisses and hugs and I love yous. Always.

… my family.

… my life.

{Gratitude lists run through my head all the time. Today feels like a good day to start writing them down. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!}

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  1. Just wait for the day little Sophie flings her leg over the crib, lands on her butt and runs to you EVERY DAY THERE AFTER !

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