kindergarten1We did it!

We survived the first day of kindergarten!

Actually, Lily kicked butt while I tried my hardest not to ugly-cry my way into “that mom” status right off the bat.

We struck a deal to get the quintessential first-day-of-school picture. I was allowed to take hers if she could take mine. Cue the great big anxiety smile.


And here she is, leading her dad down the hallway, brave and excited and so very curious. I tagged along behind, heart caught in my throat.


And then before I knew it, she was sitting down at a little desk coloring a picture, happy as can be. Marc and I lingered for a moment, both of us just staring at her. I can’t imagine what was going through his head. But mine? Joy. Relief. And a little tiny bit of pain.

Here she goes, our little bird.


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7 Comments on in which Lily rocked the first day of kindergarten (while I held it together by a string)

  1. Good job, Mom &Dad! Beautiful pictures, both girls. Wish we could repeat that fabulous week in July! I’m sure both Lily &Noah will have a great school year, but they sure did have fun on tne dirt pile!

    • Yes! Lily misses Noah, Nicole and the dirt pile. 🙂 We’re hoping to make the trip next July with Sophie and Marc, too! Hope all is well with you.

  2. ok, Auntie Julie is crying again…lol. So proud of Lily and her mommy and daddy who have done a tremendous job of raising this little girl up! Love to you all!!

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