ferris wheel at nc state fair

Don’t let those dark clouds fool you.

The rides are going up.

The stuffed rasta-bananas are ready to be won.

The Apex Lion’s Club piiiiiie guy recording is already cranked up.

And heavenly aromas are starting to drift down the midway.

The North Carolina State Fair starts tomorrow and no one is more excited than this girl. It’s my second-favorite holiday, after all, neck-and-neck with Christmas.

What are the new foods this year, you ask?

Deep-fried red velvet Oreos, deep-fried sugar daddies and deep-fried cow tails (the caramel candy, not of the animal variety). I’ve also heard buzz about deep-fried pink lemonade dough and a barbeque/slaw eggroll at Woody’s (home of my favorite deep-fried buffalo chicken rangoon).

And then there’s this masterpiece, the king of this year’s new State Fair foods:

Krispy Kreme sloppy joe

I’m working up the nerve to try it. The Deputy says she’s all in.

Gauntlet = thrown.

Wish me luck.

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4 Comments on just one more day (hashtag STATE FAIR Y’ALL)

    • I’m hoping one bite won’t kill me. 🙂

      Tell Carter that we should campaign for deep-fried jacked doritos next year. With queso for dipping, of course.

  1. What did you try? Did you go for the Sloppy Joe doughnut? The deep fried red velvet Oreo sounds great. And I’m with you on the buffalo chicken Rangoon!

    • I tried the deep-fried bbq/slaw eggroll, and it was good! Copped out on the sloppy joe doughnut. Just can’t do it. 🙂 But, I have a couple more trips left, so who knows … 🙂

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