I try to keep track of the funny things the girls say by using the little notes app on my phone. The words that fly out of Lily’s mouth continue to make me laugh … and my head spin. Sometimes I wonder where on earth did this little person come from? And then I pat myself on the back for having anything to do with her existence …

Hey Mommy, what’s the solar system inside of?

(While shopping for a friend’s birthday gift) I promise I won’t ask for anything; I’m just going to stare at it.

(The night before kindergarten) I can’t wait but I will wait but it will be hard.

(After a botched bang trim) I feel like a new woman!

(Requesting a banana for snack) Can I have the whole thing like a monkey?

Last night I had a wish dream. I switched hairs with rapunzel and I was the princess and everybody came to visit me. My hair was still brown.

(On her new “loose” tooth) It’s not really wiggly Mommy; just wiggly like a statue.

(On a Sponge Bob episode) This one is so funny mommy … it’s on top of funny!!

I wish I could hold a cloud.

Even more than ten hundred months I’ll never stop loving you.

Ice cream on a stick is sooooo good!

(On something silly Sophie said) She said that last night and we just cracked out!

Mommy, I think I could just marry myself.

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