I just got my hands on these awesome photos Ann took at Lily’s 6th birthday party, and I couldn’t wait to share some of my favorites with you guys.

Lily really wanted a movie party and insisted that I write “wear your pj’s!” on the invitation (I ordered these cute printables on Etsy). We set up a theater in the living room, complete with pillows, red balloons, streamer “curtains” and a huge quilt (not so much to prevent stains as to cover the ones already on the carpet). Lily is in love with Pixar shorts so we showed a few of her picks, which kept everyone’s attention surprisingly well and even had the kids rolling on the floor in laughter. Her favorite is One-Man Band. Mine is a toss-up between Boundin’ and For the Birds.

I made an out-of-the box sheet cake and topped it with caramel corn and red icing. Because if it doesn’t come from a box, I shouldn’t be baking it.


The kids also played a rousing game of “pin-the-goggles-on-the-minion.”


We made four different types of flavored popcorn and named them after some of Lily’s favorite movies, like green “monster crunch” in honor of Mike Wazowski and Monsters, Inc. She also chose “Rapunzel’s sun punch” from her Disney princess cookbook, which was pretty, but too tart for most of the kids. (Mommy, however, will most certainly resurrect this recipe to mix with vodka for a refreshing summer cocktail.) Classic movie candy rounded out our spread.

By cake time, we had a house full of hopped-up-on-milk-duds kids. Totally worth it.


And, just for posterity, here’s Sophie in mid-nose-pick.


And again, raiding the pink popcorn after the party ended. Smart little fairy.


Isn’t Ann’s photography beautiful? How lucky I am that she brings her camera to birthday parties so I can relax and be with my girls. Check out her new Facebook page to follow along on her adventures behind the lens.

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