lily's new bangs

Lily loves to use her little plastic elephant scissors. She cuts all kinds of wacky shapes out of paper, and we’ve done a couple of projects with fabric. Yesterday I gave her an old paint chip book and her trusty shears and let her go to town. She really enjoyed trimming out all the different colors and sorting them of course. She’s a pro with the scissors, so I left the room for a few minutes (solidifying my Mother of the Year candidacy).

When I came back, she was lying on her bed face down. Giggling.

Then she lifted her head to reveal a crooked little Audrey Hepburn fringe. I sputtered out a WHAT HAVE YOU DONE but she was just too cute and smiley for me to get mad.

So I laughed. And told her they actually look good. Better than mommy would have cut them.

“I’m just tired of all this hair in my face,” she explained. And then she ran to the bathroom mirror and squealed with delight.

Still. Cute bangs or not, no more alone time with the scissors for this five-year-old.

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8 Comments on look who decided to cut herself some bangs

  1. Not bad, Lily! She looks really cute. If my hair salon doesn’t return my call for an appointment, I’ll come over and let Lily work on mine.

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