Meet Benny … and Lou

guinea pig named Benny

Say hello to Benny. This guy loves hay, green bell peppers and snuggling in Lily’s lap. He’s one year old and poops ALL THE TIME.

guinea pig

And this little bouffant-head? This is Lou. After we got Benny, I did a bunch of research on how guinea pigs get depressed by themselves, and I seriously couldn’t stand the thought of it. So I drove back to the rescue and adopted his son, who is just three months old. The girls had NO IDEA what I was up to, and they were beside themselves when I showed up at home with little Lou.

Lou loves carrots, squeaking at Benny and hiding in his igloo. He has a gift for eating hay on the runĀ and shares Benny’s propensity for pooping EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME.

These two are possibly the cutest things I’ve ever seen (besides my own human babies, of course). The girls are totally smitten. Lily is proving how “machor” she is, waking early to hand-feed them veggies, cleaning the cage and playing with them every chance she gets.

Adopting Benny and Lou was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. I’m so glad Lily pointed our hearts in the right direction.

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