little girl on beach

Starts almost every sentence with “Did you know?!” and launches into an explanation┬ábefore we’ve had a chance to answer.

Loves, loves, loves school.

Is a bookworm who begs for extra minutes to read every night.

Has the same tickle-spots as when she was a baby. Often laughs until she cries.

Can remember ANYTHING. Like that time three years ago when she lost a penny and then found it.

Despite the general, persistent irritation of having a little sister, she protects Sophie, walks her to her classroom every day (holding her hand) and hugs her before bed every night.

Delights in being outdoors. Climbs trees like a monkey, seems to feel most free when riding her bike and loves a good game of hide-and-seek.

Is a loyal friend who loves sleepovers, dressing alike and playing in secret hideouts at school and home.

Loves animals — especially little ones — beyond measure and is steadfast in her campaign for a hamster or guinea pig (complete with a research binder stuffed with facts and illustrations).

Tries to sneak a little blush and lip gloss for school. Tween-age-hood, here we come.

Has this wonderful confidence and self-assurance that makes others believe they can feel the same way about themselves.

Loves a good joke. Often tells bad ones.

Lights up a room with her toothy smile, twinkly eyes and infectious silliness and positivity.

Will always be my first baby, the person who made me a mother, my snuggle-bunny. (For real. She promised to keep snuggling me even when I’m an old lady.)

Owns my heart.

Happy ninth birthday to my super-girl Lily Maxine. You make life marvelous.


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  1. She is just a delight !!! What a wonderful, sweet little girl she is. I hope she had a great birthday. Her gift is in the mail. Sending her love….

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