As I held the little plastic bag to Lily’s mouth while her breakfast came up on the parking lot shuttle bus (I caught it all! Mom win!) I thought for sure we’d be turning right back around to go home.

I was wrong.

My six-year-old daughter, infused with the Spirit of the State Fair, rallied, and we had a wonderful Sunday morning filled with everything we love (EXCEPT rides, of course).

Ann came along to document our fun, and I’m so grateful for that. She captured “our” fair so beautifully. You’d never even know how the day began …


Fair_web-4 Fair_web-5 Fair_web-7 Fair_web-9 Fair_web-11 Fair_web-13 Fair_web-17 Fair_web-18 Fair_web-19 Fair_web-22 Fair_web-23 Fair_web-24 Fair_web-27 Fair_web-28

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