because this makes me happy-cry

This story blows me away.

Can you imagine becoming a parent by finding a baby in the subway?

It’s unbelieveable. And beautiful.

And the full-circle-ness of it is breathtaking. I want to go to New York, find that judge and hug her. And then go eat a street hotdog, but that’s beside the point.

This is the kind of story that gives me hope.

because I just couldn’t stay away from blogging

[youtube ChZpA_ZZ7DU]

Hello again internet!

What better way to kick off a brand new blog than with a  little booty shaking?

I can’t decide if my favorite part of this clip is McAdoo just sitting on the floor wearing water wings or the dude with the fedora breaking it down in a pair of old school shorty-shorts.

Hooray for March Madness.

Love you, Tar Heels.