peach pie


In our kitchen, summertime is for watermelon, corn on the cob, grilled hot dogs and peaches. Lots and lots of peaches. We have a favorite stand at the farmers market where the girls eat sample after sample while I pick out our basket and pay up. By the time we start walking back to the car, Lily and Sophie are covered in peach juice. I don’t mind.

I usually make cobbler because it’s easy and so yummy. And you can eat it for breakfast without breaking any rules (right?). But this year, Lily wanted to try a pie. So we did.

She has her own little chef set and is officially old enough to use the big-girl knife. Cutting peaches was the perfect way to break it in. She also loves all the measuring and scooping and finger-licking that comes with baking.





Our recipe came from the Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen blog. I used store-bought crust because it’s easy, but it didn’t taste nearly as good as a homemade crust would have. And once we cut into it, our creation turned into a big puddle of peaches and goo. Laura says to sprinkle in some corn starch next time. Duly noted.

But our very first peach pie tasted amazing. And those of us who don’t exercise restraint when it comes to good food (the five-year-old, the two-year-old and yours truly) licked our plates clean.


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