Hello there.

Did you think we had disappeared? I wouldn’t blame you.

I’ve missed this space so much. I could never stay away from blogging for too long. Even after I shut down my old site last December — for lots of reasons both big and small — I got the hankering to click “new post” in the WordPress dashboard more quickly than I’d expected.

I’m a private person, so it’s weird that I love blogging. I think it’s the journalist in me. And the sentimental hoarder. I’ve believed from a very early age that life must be documented so I write and take pictures and fill shelves with photo albums and memory books. And save every last little memento.

Document, document, document.

Don’t let a moment pass.

So I get twitchy when life happens and I forget to write down the latest funny thing Lily has said. Or I can’t find time to get to a keyboard and dump my brain into a blog post.

So much life happening. Sick children and vacation and new sicknesses and kindergarten starting soon.

Sophie is sleeping upstairs while I write. Snoring, actually. She’s recovering from a funky fever virus (technical medical terminology) that stuck around far too long. And Lily is playing at a friend’s house. My husband, who gives and gives and gives to make life easier for his girls, is enjoying some much-needed boat time with a good friend.

The house is still. Laundry is churning away and there are a million things calling my name. The dirty kitchen. Even dirtier (read: scary) bathrooms. But I’m choosing to sit and type and clear the cobwebs. To be comfortable in the quiet and ignore all the stuff — the life — that demands my attention but isn’t really important enough to steal these few minutes of peace from me. I’m talking to you, toilets.

I hope you’re having a beautiful Sunday.

Summer seems to be leaving us quickly this year. The air is crisp and cool today and the sky is a gorgeous cornflower blue that we usually can’t see in the south until October, when the heat-haze that washes everything to gray finally lifts.

I’m ready and not ready. For a new season. For big changes (why is Lily starting kindergarten feeling so H-U-G-E to me?). For whatever life brings next. (Please no more funky fever virus.)

And I’m ready to get back to writing.

This feels really good.

Permendous, actually.

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