say hello to the new Posy (hashtag proud big sis)


I am SO excited for Laura I can’t stand it!

How can I possibly describe her awesomeness? Let’s see … she owns a small business and works her butt off to make that business succeed while at the same time wrangling an active (*understatement alert*) toddler and freshly-minted kindergartener.

She is, as Casey Wilson would say, ah-MAH-zing.

Check out the Posy re-boot to see what I’m talking about. And Laura’s Instagram feed is just plain lovely … and oh-so-refreshingling real (see: two-year-old Monroe in his diaper and winter hat).

Proud big sister over here. Super proud.

One thought on “say hello to the new Posy (hashtag proud big sis)”

  1. You’re making me all verklimpt. You totally made me an awesome, amazing, beautiful and sophisticated website sis, so a BIG thanks to you. It’s a good thing you’re my sis because I certainly couldn’t afford your talent and wouldn’t be able to send texts about how you’re “cookie-balling” it to anyone else. They might think I’m weird.

    Love you and am so stoked to have you with me for this crazy adventure!

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