little girl with cup of popcornSings to herself all the time. Everywhere. Loudly and softly. But mostly loudly. Her current favorite? Baby Beluga. I ask her to sing it to me at bedtime because it is the sweetest song ever. I’ve been meaning to record her so I can capture her little voice singing it.

Loves the guinea pigs. Loves, loves, loves. Sometimes handles them a bit too, shall we say, aggressively. But is learning to use “gentle hands.”

Reads us books at bedtime. The switch has officially flipped, and she loves trying new books and new words. All the words.

little girl sitting on beachDevours spaghetti, pizza and mac and cheese. Also likes broccoli and brussels sprouts. Is warming up to watermelon.

Still doesn’t quite sit at the kitchen table. Perches on her knees or her feet. Squirms like a toddler and still falls out of chairs. Drives me crazy.

Loves to wear dresses and all sorts of accessories. The bigger, the better.

Constantly makes us laugh. I don’t know how she thinks of this stuff. Here’s a sample:

Me: Goodnight! I hope you have sweet dreams.
Sophie: Like a donut pushing me on a swing? Okay!

Shines like the sun every single day, even when she’s not feeling well (which has been frequent in the past year, since we discovered some sort of reflux that causes vomiting. Bleh.)

Gives good tight hugs around my neck and cradles me in a pseudo-headlock at bedtime. A super-snuggler.

Likes to pretend she’s Moana. Or Elsa or Ariel. Or a bunny rabbit. Depends on the current mood.

little girl taking a selfieLoves to take selfies with my phone. Especially upside-down.

Has an imagination that blows me away. Wacky and brilliant at the same time.

Adores animals of all kinds. Has the stuffed-animal collection to prove it. Current fave is a sea turtle, but trusty river otter holds prime real estate in her bed.

Stole my heart from the moment I laid eyes on her. Will always be my baby, even with those long, lanky arms and legs becoming longer and lankier.

Happy birthday number six, sweet Sophie. You own our hearts.

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