On the last morning of our beach trip (can you tell I’ve just started sorting through my pictures?) I discovered this sweet little bathing cap in the bottom of Sophie’s bag. Crap. I had packed it with the sole purpose of getting a photo of her wearing it and of course let a whole week go by without remembering.

The thing is, I’ve been holding onto that divine little cap since I found it at Target in March (the last one! in her size!) and nearly did a cartwheel down the aisle. And also, I have two beautiful beachy photos (thanks to my super-talented friend Ann) in the big frames on our mantel — one shot of our whole family perched in the dunes and an awesome photo of Lily sitting in the sand. But then there’s the third frame that still holds a picture of newborn Sophie. I need beachy, two-year-old Sophie in that space. So I packed the little flowery bathing cap with grand visions of capturing Sophie wearing it (while doing something impossibly adorable of course).

And on the last morning of our trip, even though Marc was just about finished packing the car and everybody was clean and dry and happily watching cartoons while the grown-ups ran around trying to vacate the cottage by 10 a.m., I snagged my camera, the cap, Sophie’s cutest swimsuit and a little girl who was positively thrilled to be the only kid allowed outside.

And then I messed up just about every single frame trying so hard to shoot in manual. There are cut-off feet (above). Blown-out backgrounds (below). A subject in direct sunlight (way below).



But you know what? I’m going to make one of these eleventy billion shots work if it kills me. And maybe with some editing help from Ann. Because Sophie’s little (BIG) personality shines through in every single one, no matter how many photography rules I break.

And that cap is just too awesome.

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3 Comments on Sophie and the bathing cap

  1. You are too hard on yourself! These are great. I’ve said it before – you have an eye and a vision.

    You could crop the sky almost completely out of the second one and have a perfect shot. It’s stronger than the third because there is implied action with her hand and the direction of her face. Your composition is perfect. Also in that shot, the sky has to be blown out to keep Sophie not blown out.

    PS. if you ever HAVE to get the shot, much better to switch to Aperture priority mode and stick with it instead of possibly losing all shots with Manual. I’m a firm believer there’s a time and place for Manual, not all Manual all the time!

    PPS. Swim cap, I DIE!

    PPSS. overcast days are amazing at the beach for photos. Nice diffused light. Scroll to the bottom of this post to the shot of the boys in their Christmas PJs. Completely overcast day. No sky features… don’t need it because the focus of the photo is the boys.
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