– kisses pictures in her story books (and tries to hug the pop-outs)

– says “ommmmmm” before answering most any question

– shouts “cootie cootie!” when she (or anyone else) is naked

– kisses her own boo-boos

– insists on kissing the dog goodbye most mornings

– cups her hand over my ear and asks if I can hear the ocean

– calls her forehead a “headboard”

– shout-talks ALL. THE. TIME.

– has no fewer than a dozen “friends” in the crib with her while she sleeps (plus three blankets)

– loves to sit on the potty and flush the potty but never, ever to pee in the potty

– starts every meal with a “cheers” of her sippy cup; the last one was “cheers to hot dogs!”

– puts her hands up when she wants to say something, like she’s silencing a crowd, then says “it’s Sophie’s turn to talk!”

– loves to sing “Old McDonald’s” and requests such animals as snail, camel, hippo, giraffe, and others that keep me on my toes, as far as animal sounds go

– gives “big kiss” and “regular kiss” … both are awesome

– has discovered the wonder of exploring her nose


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8 Comments on Sophie lately

  1. What a cutie! We are 27 months and that sweet love and salty attitude combo is quite a mix! And the finger in the nose is almost constant.

    • Love your sweet + salty analogy. So true! And the nose-picking is hilarious. When I ask her to stop, she totally ignores me and keeps digging. So we’re working on asking for a tissue. ๐Ÿ™‚

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