silly SophieOn putting on her gymnastics leotard:
“Look at me! And I have my panties on so no one can’t see my butt!”

Cooking dinner with Marc:
“What is that beautiful smell in my nose?”

Telling jokes:
Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Miss Puh-tatuh
Miss Puh-tatuh who?

Being a weirdo:
“When I started eating green beans my tummy got really full and then I started eating breakfast and my breakfast turned into eyeballs.”

On the varying degrees of flatulence:
“Mama! Did you hear that? It was a whispery toot!”

Being a weirdo again:
“I like to smell all my friends’ breath!”

On gratitude:
“I’m so glad we live near the dentist and the doctor and old McDonald’s.”

On her new skills:
“Look Mommy! I can draw a person without nobody helping me!”

On best horticultural practices:
“Flowers need seeds and water and sun and love.”

From the backseat of the car (after getting fussed at for sticking stuff out the window):
“When you and Daddy get small me and Lily are going to get big and I’m going to be the mommy and Lily’s going to be the daddy and I’m going to lock your window!”

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