Instagram Favorites: Furry Friends Edition

I love (LOVE) Instagram. Besides keeping up with friends and family near and far, I really enjoy following celebrity/fashion/lifestyle accounts.

And yes, animals.

Especially the lovely Fuzzberta. Her feed always puts a smile on my face. Because how could a picture of a guinea pig pushing a teeny-tiny shopping cart *not* brighten your day?

Fuzzberta on Instagram

I also adore Daily Danger, who his humans describe as “party animal nugget of love toasted marshmallow.” Just look at this scrumptiousness:

daily danger on Instagram

Another of my favorite feeds features adorable humans *and* animals (win-win). In fact, the book Naptime with Theo and Beau came from this feed, and it looks like another book will be published in 2016. Although I can’t fathom the logistics of napping a baby with a snuggly dog (for us, it was crib-napping in very dark rooms with very loud white noise machines), these photos are breathtaking.

mommasgonecity on instagramWhich are your favorite animal feeds on Instagram? Do share! Because I need as much distraction as possible from real-world news (especially in this election year).