10 finds under 20 bucks

TEN!! I did it! Unlike last time, when my brain stopped at seven and photoshop walked out on me.

Mean, mean photoshop.

Hope you enjoy this latest roundup of stuff we use/adore/covet. All under twenty bucks. Yay.

1. swimsuit /// Sophie and her thigh rolls totally rock this suit.
2. unicorn hair clip /// For dress up or birthday parties or everyday use.
3. chevron necklace /// I’m still in love with chevron, especially in jewelry form.
4. colored bobby pins /// A saving grace for my new short hair (which disagrees with humidity).
5. a beautiful mess app /// Downloaded it and can’t wait to start playing.
6. cuticle cream /// One of my top-three beauty staples, second only to my tweezers.
7. DIY thank-you note stamp /// Once my box cards are finished, I’m using this little guy.
8. camera earrings /// Shrinky-dinks for your ears! Adore.
9. little girl sandals /// Pretty as Saltwaters and way cheaper.
10. Click magazine /// I just finished devouring my first issue. Only $15/year.

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3 Comments on ten under twenty

  1. If you hair is wavy, I have product recommendations for short hair. Short hair is a different beast. It is so flattering on you!

    Also I didn’t want to answer this question on Facebook because you never know who reads your likes and comments. The only girl secret I know is the use of Magic Cream as bikini hair removal. It is $3 in the black men’s shaving section at Target. You want the cream, not the powder. It is a depillatory designed for thick curly hair. It can be used everywhere downtown, even back door. Lasts a few days to a week, depending on your details. Put it on SUPER thick, wait 9 minutes, wipe off in the shower and make sure you get all of it off or else it will burn your skin. Do not use soap afterward.

    Magic Cream and then when hair starts to grow back, use a loofah to exfoliate the area. In summer, I do it on Fridays and lasts the whole weekend. For some reason it is the only way I don’t get ingrown hairs. Similar to waxing but doesn’t last as long and no one is up in your business.
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