I stink at making mashed potatoes. And my attempts at roasted potatoes usually turn out too crispy (read: burnt) for the little palates in our family. So when Lily and I were watching “the cooking lady show” last week and the Pioneer Woman made her Crash Hot Potatoes I totally had an aha moment (thank you Oprah).

Two days later, Lily bellied up to the counter on her special cooking stool and helped me make these potatoes. She especially loved smooshing them with the potato masher. (The only thing we did differently than the online recipe was to drizzle them with a little olive oil before they went into the oven and sprinkle them with a little shredded cheddar when they came out. Because cheese. Right?)

They were quick, easy and delicious.

Even Lily approved. Which is a huge deal in our house.

Thank you, PW! We heart you and your lovely show.

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3 Comments on the easiest potatoes I ever did make

    These are our favorite potatoes. Have been making them since PW first published the recipe. PS her mashed potatoes are also fab. Cream cheese! Who would have thought??

    • Hi Laura!!!! Thanks for checking things out over here! I’ll definitely have to try PW’s mashed potatoes. Mine are always too bland. Lily and I are hooked on her show (me for the food; Lily for the Charlie sightings). 🙂

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