10. The Coastal Carolina chanticleer’s jaunty toupee.
9. The Tennessee pep band for playing Britney Spears and actually making me like it.
8. Never a line for the ladies’ room.
7. Crazy Mercer fans, especially when they threw streamers from the top deck to the bottom.
6. Actually remembering the location of our parking space.
5. Our surprise seats in the fancy section.
4. BBQ nachos (tortilla chips. fresh pulled pork. cheese sauce. barbecue sauce. in my belly.)
3. Watching Duke lose in person.
2. Watching Carolina win on TV.
1. Spending the day with my dad. I love him. And we love basketball.


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2 Comments on the top ten best things about my day at the NCAA tournament in Raleigh

  1. Sounds like an awesome day! And how great that you got to spend it with your dad. It’s amazing how much sports can bring families together!

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