As I was drying off from the shower on Halloween morning, the bathroom door crept open and a little mousy-haired, squinty-eyed girl beamed up at me with her hand in her mouth.

“Mommy! Look at my tooth!”

It was hanging on by a thread. In fact, she could bend it all the way backwards. Which made me have to sit down on the floor because nausea.

I fiddled with it and she grimaced and wriggled. Then, before she could do anything about it, I reached in and pulled that sucker right out.

She laugh-cried and then ran to show her dad.

I remember when that little tooth first popped through. Lily was 10 months old, and we thought she’d be gummy for the rest of her life, her teeth took so long to come in. And now it’s sitting in a little treasure box hidden in our closet. It happened so fast — loose to gone in less than a week — I still can’t believe it.

After running around to all the credit union branches in town, the tooth fairy finally found some special coins for Lily’s pillow. She slept with it right under her head, so sliding that tooth out and those coins in without waking her is one of my finest parenting moments to date.

And now tooth-watch has commenced. She’s ready to lose a bunch more and bank some Target spending money.

My big girl.

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2 Comments on this girl and her milestones

    • Ha — love it! I kept thinking that day about the tooth fairy episode of Modern Family, where Cam and Mitchell accidentally slipped their Lily a $100 bill. Of course, our Lily probably thought her special coins were worth that much! 🙂

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