Likes to wear her shoes on the wrong feet.

Calls ants “little fellas.”

Hugs me and cheers after I successfully use the toilet.

Must do a few jumps and twirls after putting on a dress or skirt.

Wakes up in the morning shouting “MA MAAAAA! COME GET ME. I READY.”

Twirls her hair in her little fingers as she drifts off to sleep.


Still has two tiny creases in her thighs … the last remnants of her baby rolls. Sigh.

Antagonizes her sister then cackles with glee when she gets a reaction.

Loves putting on her big-girl panties.

Poops in the potty. (Praise be.)

Sings the Frozen soundtrack to herself with her own special vocabulary.

Initiates “cheers” at the dinner table on a regular basis. Last night: “Cheers to everyone!”

Has two watering cans and a squirt bottle. Wants to water all the things all the time.


Blows me kisses from the crib as I back out of her room at night.

Introduced herself to a new friend at a birthday party by saying, “Hi! I beautiful.”

Can’t get enough bubbles.

Reaches for my ears most every morning and says, “Mommy I love your rings.”


Always wants her hair in a “Furpunzel” braid.

Is most ticklish under her chin.

Rides her tricycle super fast, squealing round and round the cul-de-sac like a little maniac.

Loves to do puzzles on my Kindle. Asks for the Kindle ALL. THE. TIME.

Puts on multiple layers of dress-up clothes (including “fancy shoes”) and parades around the house.


Is pure sunshine.

Happy Birthday Number Three, sweet Soph.

You are my heart.


>>first and last photos by the amazing Ann<<

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    • Thanks, sis! She got a pair of butterfly rain boots to match her snazzy new umbrella, so all is right in the world for Miss Soph. 🙂
      Suzanne recently posted…THREEMy Profile

  1. We had such a great time…and beautiful photos to treasure. Sophie brings so much joy into our lives along with lots of laughter!

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