From my side of conversations with Sophie:

Take your feet off the table.

Give momma the booger. GIVE IT TO ME.

Inside voice.

No dessert if you keep spitting.

What? You have peanuts in your diaper? No? Nuggets? Okay. Let’s go change it.

Stripey stripey shorts are in the laundry. But you can wear stripey stripey dress.

Inside voicccccccce.

Markers are for paper. Not faces. Please stop drawing on your face.

Spit out the necklace. 

Give momma the dog food. 


What was that? Did you just pull a piece of rice out from your toes and eat it?

 (Photo by my friend Cary. Isn’t it glorious?)

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4 Comments on two-year-olds are weird

  1. *snort* Amen. Cole has started SCREAMING the thing that he wants when not getting his way. And just once will not do. He must do it over and over again while giving you a smirk in between his bellowing. I need to get it on video.
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  2. Too funny! And you know, it just continues…at almost 9, I still say some of the same things to Jackson! Although at 9, I now have to know a new language just to talk to him…it’s called Pokémon! You may luck up and not need to learn it, but Jackson does have multiple girl friends that speak it with him : )

    Can’t wait to see you!

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