Loves to be naked.

Follows her sister everywhere (and wears her socks).

Hates tomatoes, the yellow part of boiled eggs and being taken out of the bathtub.

Eats hot dogs like there’s no tomorrow.

Has figured out what “chocolate” and “dessert” mean.


Wakes up happy every day and plays with her feet up in the crib until someone comes to get her.

Loves to climb up to the sink and put her head under the faucet.

Gives real, loud kisses.

Knows exactly how to push big sister’s buttons (and then toddles away cackling).

Makes big messes.


Can count from 6 to 13 and sing her ABCs without the l-m-n-o-p part.

Wants to go “ousside” all the time and squirt stuff with her butterfly squirt bottle.

Bosses the dog around.

Loves finding the mouse in Goodnight Moon.

Breaks into her sister’s room on a regular basis.


Squeals with gusto and kicks her feet when she’s really excited (like if a bowl of ice cream is coming her way).

Makes song requests while rocking in the dark at night and announces which animal is next in “old donald.”

Dances in her car seat with her sunglasses on upside down.


Is straight-up awesome.

Happy Birthday Number Two, Sophie Muriel.

We love you.

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14 Comments on TWO

    • I love that word … “slice” … exactly what I was trying to capture! She moves so fast (in more ways than one), I just want to preserve as much of it as possible. 🙂

  1. SERIOUSLY. I missed these kind of updates. I feel like you do such a great job of giving us a glimpse of their little personalities. You can tell Sophie is hysterical and adventurous!

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