Sophie’s shirt got stuck on her head while we were trying to pull it off, and instead of crying she burst into hysterical laughter when I just left it there. So of course I had to tie the sleeves under her chin to elicit even more of that intoxicating laughter that is like bacon for my soul (greedy momma).

Then Lily got in on the action and I hollered to Marc for my camera.

I was trying to mess with the manual settings in this next shot but the room was too dark and too yellow, so I gave myself some grace and twisted the dial to the no-flash setting. My favorite.

My biggest fear with manual photography is missing the moment. Stuff happens so fast with these girls, and I’m anxious to capture it all. Right now, I’m just too slow with the aperture and the shutter speed and the white balance and all the confusing numbers. I’ll get there someday with that intimidating “M” button. Soon enough.

I like this shot though, because in a weird way, it captures me in the moment.


The bath is like Switzerland. Neutral territory. The girls play so well together in that water, sharing and laughing and splashing each other’s butts. (Body parts and potty humor are all the rage in our house right now. I’m not doing a very good job at stopping it because I just can’t help but laugh. Especially at the fart jokes.)



Here is Sophie the Pirate. She always begs to wear Lily’s “big girl headband” after bath, and she yanks it onto her head Keith Richards style. Then she clambers up the little wooden stool and shouts “ARRRRR MATEYS” to her reflection in the mirror. Every single night. It’s irresistible.


The final step before bed (at last): brushing teeth. Sophie is insistent on doing it ALL BY MYSELF MOMMA. Okay, big girl. You got this.

These two. How I just love them.


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